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ESCUEILLENS, FRANCE, August 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bob is a retired librarian and talented author. In his new bestseller, Bob shares his research and expertise with readers to help them become more aware and conscious in their living.

“The Problem With Being Human: The Pursuit of Consciousness” is a powerful tool for self-improvement, obtaining, and maintaining a conscious life. Bob breaks down the information into clear chapters of practical tools and theories, leaving readers inspired to make the choices that can change themselves to change the world.

In a recent interview, Norton said, “We are told by experts that we have global warming and it’s a serious problem and others deny it. We are told that we are overpopulating and others deny it. We are told that the world’s top soil, which is our life blood, is desperately running out and can only feed us for so long and others deny it. Usually those who deny it are those in a position to have a vested interest in maintaining things as they are. It doesn’t take much to see with expert opinion being rejected that the world is going somewhere where it’s never been before and we need new thinking. We don’t need the thinking that took us into the mess in the first place. As we lose trust in authority I believe that the only thing in which we can really trust these days is ourselves. Let’s learn to understand ourselves a lot more than we do currently. Let’s learn how to start liking ourselves and then maybe rather than thinking we’re separate from everyone else, maybe we can get back those days of community and togetherness because we are all in the same boat and we all think very similar things. The problem with being human is that we create our own reality and we are largely unaware of it. We become what we think and if we truly wish to improve our reality then we need to raise our thinking beyond the reactive and the selfish.”

In the interview on “Thriving Entrepreneur” the host, Steve Kidd said, “There are many problems in the world and being human. One of the things that can be a solution is our ability to choose, and you have to make a powerful choice in your life today. The people that are showing up in your life today, caring and loving you, those are the ones worth making sure that you tell them how much you love them and how important they are to you.”

Bob spent 30 years of his working life as a librarian; a role which gave plenty of opportunity to steal a little time here and there to unearth more mysteries and make new discoveries surrounded, as he was, by books.

Bob authored several management books in his professional career before finding escape in early retirement and discovering the place and space within which to engage in more captivating writings in the mind, body, and soul genre wherein self-expression and sharing innermost, universal feelings come to the fore.

Since retirement, his first published fictional work in this field, Two Strangers – One Soul, subsequently gave birth to a series of books of which the first two, Leaves in the Stream (rebuilding life after the collapse of our current civilization) and Pathways to Stillness (personal discoveries of inner peace engendered by a mysterious mentor), are now available.

The Problem with being Human is his sixth book, the sixth which his wife, Jo, has painstakingly, tolerantly and creatively edited. It is his first foray into non-fiction but he couldn’t resist adding a by story-line to give color and depth.

Bob lives in the south of France and continues his research and writing around the basic premise of changing yourself in order to change the world.

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