In Ganci’s innovative and highly praised novel, book lovers find themselves in the very midst of ancient conflicts, only to be swept away with an entirely fresh perspective on mystical teachings found in scripture – now living lessons

WILMINGTON, NC, September 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — America today is sharply divided into many fronts. Immigration and patriotism, everything from travel bans to sports teams refusing to stand for the National Anthem, are but two of the issues spawning screaming headlines in practically every newspaper, television outlet, radio program, and news website. When we add to these problems demonstrations of free speech that turn violent, the threat of a nuclear war nobody wants, climate change, healthcare and endless partisan bickering, we get a sharp and apparent picture of politicians who seem to have lost their grip on reality. Many appear to be completely out of touch with the voters who put them in office in the first place. All over America, citizens are organizing to resist leaders who seem obsessed with their power to divide, as opposed to bringing the country together. Joseph Ganci, author of ‘Gideon, The Sound And The Glory’ believes that this sad turn of events is but history repeating itself.

“We need only look at a timely quote by Joseph Smith Jr.,” Ganci stated. “Smith who is venerated as a prophet and seer by his people said, ‘We have learned by sad experience that it is the nature and disposition of almost all men, as soon as they get a little authority, as they suppose, they will immediately begin to exercise unrighteous dominion.’ That could be rephrased today to state, ‘As soon as they (Politicians) get a little authority, as they suppose, they will demonstrate, oppressive behavior – while embracing the illusion of control over the souls of free men.”

“Many people see the Scriptures as old news, somewhat out of touch with the world as it is today,” Ganci stated. “Nothing could be further from the truth. Those who wield political power have overestimated their own power since Biblical times. For instance, in ‘Gideon’ we find this story which, with a little tweaking, could have been ripped from today’s headlines:”

“I am both Canaanite and Israelite, and as the one remaining son of Gideon, I will be the first king of this land and see to equal justice for all.”

All the men of Shechem, the House of Milo, and all the hirelings growled a weary cheer, while Ophrah looked on, dreading to hear who, or what might be next on Abimelech’s evil agenda. Abimelech continued after a brief silence. He had been expecting their acclaim and approval but received nothing from all those who had known him and his family as heroes and as pillars of the Community. Feeling disappointed, he continued, “We will replant the grove my grandfather, Joash, owned–the place that was the center of our pleasure and leisure. We will return to the worship of Baalim, and connect back to the ancient roots of our Amorite heritage. We will prosper greatly and glut our natural desires. Our city will plead with Moloch for his favor when we pass our children through the fire.”

Jadzia, Jether’s wife, now one of the many stunned and grieving widows yelled out, “Who are you, to tell us to pass our children through the inferno?” “If you truly believe this, then YOU now would be a heap of charred bone and decrepit flesh, less than carrion, not fit for worms, Abimelech.”

Abimelech, red-faced with rage addressed his former sister in law; “I will dismiss your outburst of rebellion because of your sudden sorrow, but hear me now Jadzia, if one more word passes your lips you and your children will be the first to embrace the sacrificial blaze. Do not charge me, woman, or you will join this night’s blood-soaked holocaust.”

The hush had a weight for the lack of breath. Abimelech gamely returned to his speech making without the slightest twinge of conscience or regret.

‘Gideon: The Sound and the Glory’ has received rave reviews from readers and reviewers alike. A recent reviewer stated, “Joseph Ganci’s prose is arresting, peppered with fantastic imagery and succinct descriptions of plot, characters, and setting. The themes are masterfully created, and they are woven into the story in a way that allows the reader to enjoy both the inspiration the story offers and the accompanying action. The book explores powerful spiritual and political themes, capturing the conflicts and the dynamics of life within the community of God’s chosen people. Gideon: The Sound and the Glory will appeal to fans of political thrillers, adventure, and conflict-driven stories laced with intense action.” Other reviewers have used phrases such as “riveting,” “amazing” “deftly crafted” and “highly recommended.”

‘Gideon, The Sound And The Glory’ will be available on Readers’ Choice as the book of the day on Oct. 1. It will also be available on Book Butterfly, and Amazon downloads, also at no charge, on October 1-5, 2017.

Ganci has also announced he will make his book available as a fundraising tool for like-minded associations and charities. Donors can receive an eBook version of ‘Gideon’ in exchange for a donation to a worthy cause. For more details, contact Joseph via email.

Joseph Ganci is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. ‘Gideon: The Sound and the Glory’ is available in both print, eBook, and a superb, ethnically correct audio narration. All from online retailers. More information is available at Ganci’s website at

Joseph Ganci is a Levite and a high priest and remains a passionate Italian. He is a Vietnam combat veteran and is the father of five daughters and five grandchildren. He resides in Texas.

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