Bee NailsQ: What makes Bee-Nails Unique?
A: We are the enail SET store providing all dab needs for the beginner to the connoisseur. The customer service you receive is unmatched with our customer service 844-Bee-Nail number, lifetime warranties, and all after-sales service and staff training including for wholesale clients.

Alpine_Recycler_Hive_setQ: Why should someone buy Bee-Nails over so many other choices?
A: You never have to buy butane again but you also never have to buy an enail again (lifetime warranty offered). Also, try calling an enail company at their phone number, you won’t find one.

Q: Is there anything about the evolution of the cannabis industry that you didn’t expect?
A: I did not expect for the growth to be this rapid. There are new products and companies popping up every week!

Q: Do you feel the state and local governments have done a good job, have handled this industry well?
A: I think they have, it is a new industry and things will take time to improve. There’s lots of room for improvement but at least Colorado is making huge strides.

COHiveCer_copyQ: Do you think or do you worry that the industry moved too fast, that things came together too quickly in Colorado?
A: Sometimes, only for the sake of competition.

Q: Where can people find Bee-Nails online and social media?
A: We are primarily active on instagram and are featured on ma ny YouTube channels (HighRiseTV, CustomGrow420, 2G1B, R3DBAND, SilencedHippie, etc) We are also on Facebook and Twitter.

Instagram: @Bee-Nails_USA
Twitter: @beenailsusa