Atlantic Energy, a leading retail energy provider has now distributed 600,000 LED light bulbs.

NEW YORK, NY, October 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Atlantic Energy, a leading retail energy provider has now distributed 600,000 LED light bulbs. After entering the deregulated electricity market in 2010, Atlantic Energy has continued to offer innovative energy efficient solutions for both residential and commercial businesses. This framework, which was not seen prior to Atlantic Energy shows that with an environmental approach and energy efficiency focus, todays standard for an energy provider have been redefined.

Atlantic Energy serves in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Washington DC, Massachusetts, Maryland, Ohio and Pennsylvania with plans to continue moving into the other deregulated markets.

“Our customers have joined our mission to reduce their carbon footprint through energy efficiency’s. LED light bulbs use less electricity which in turn make all of our 60,000 customers extremely energy efficient,” said Patrick Linden, Co-CEO. “This is the type of impact we set out for and I am proud to see the positive impact we have had on the environment.”

As a company, Atlantic Energy has eliminated 167 million kWhs by distributing energy efficient LED light bulbs to their customers. That is equivalent to the carbon dioxide emissions from 26,613 passenger vehicles driven for one year. Stats like this show Atlantic Energy truly stands aside from typical ESCO companies. In today’s world we are seeing a shift which will allow for a cleaner tomorrow and Atlantic Energy has joined the momentum.

The success of this program can be attributed to Atlantic Energy Co-CEO James Uglow. Having 20 years sales experience that spans across multiple continents, Uglow has identified and implemented his proprietary sales system which monitors quality assurance. “In today’s sales environment, training and education is most important. We have an extremely diverse workforce which is a huge advantage for us and local community adopting.” With weekly training programs, Atlantic Energy’s salesforce of 150 are consistently updated on industry trends.

Finding ways to empower customers through energy efficiencies has been Atlantic Energy’s vision. The LED program was just the start and now they have created additional product bundles to give residential and commercial customers more choice. After being enrolled as an Atlantic Energy residential customers you will receive multiple smart products such as LED Smart Light Bulbs, Wi-Fi Cameras, Smart Plugs and much more. All are controlled right from the Atlantic Energy app. This product assortment was put together on the heels of the “Smart Home” boom and continues to give customers real products they will love and help them become energy efficient.

Patrick Linden said, “Customers are willing to help the environment but it comes down to how much it will impact their day to day life. We realized this and put together product assortments that actually help them and also help the environment.” A true win-win. “Take our LED program for instance, after we have gone in and changed all the lights in a restaurant, deli, or warehouse the entire place looks much better. It beautifies there store creating a more attractive environment for customers and employees all while being energy efficient.”

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Atlantic Energy’s mission is to reduce energy consumption and costs by providing affordable energy efficient services and solutions to consumers nationwide.

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