Revolutionize your law firm with Law Beez, the premier outsourcing solution. Benefits include increased productivity, lower overhead, better time management, scalability, and flexible staffing. Empowering lawyers to grow and scale their law firms.

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 17, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Attorneys in Motion is thrilled to announce the launch of Law Beez, an innovative online legal outsourcing marketplace. Law Beez is a freelance lawyer platform for lawyers to hire other lawyers on a contract basis, eliminating the need for full-time associates.

Law Beez aims to revolutionize the legal industry by offering attorneys a flexible and efficient solution to their staffing needs. By tapping into the expertise of vetted and skilled freelance lawyers, law firms can access a vast pool of attorneys on demand and streamline their workflow.

The legal landscape is evolving rapidly, and Law Beez is at the forefront of this transformation, empowering small law firms and solo practitioners to benefit from outsourcing. With a variety of features that enhance scalability and improve user experience, Law Beez offers attorneys the ability to outsource large and complex projects seamlessly. Notable platform features include multiple document processing, automated conflict checks, instant peer ratings, and project cloning features, enabling hiring attorneys to adapt projects swiftly as they evolve.

Leveraging Law Beez makes it effortless to build a reliable team of freelancers and manage costs without increasing overhead. Small firms, can rely on virtual associates to handle fluctuations in business, and is an overall cost-effective resource.

Law Beez is an ABA-compliant, nationwide marketplace where attorneys can hire freelance lawyers for any written legal work traditionally assigned to associates or paralegals. The platform is designed to adhere to ethics rules, ensuring complete compliance. With no sign-up or monthly fees, hiring attorneys can easily post projects at either a flat fee price or hourly priced project determined by them. Law Beez provides access to thousands of skilled freelance lawyers proficient in various legal projects, ranging from discovery responses and motions to pleading and petitions. Law Beez is a privately held company committed to revolutionizing the legal outsourcing landscape.

About Law Beez

Law Beez is an online legal outsourcing marketplace that connects lawyers with freelance legal professionals on a contract basis. As an ABA-compliant platform, Law Beez ensures that attorneys can delegate their written legal work to experienced professionals in a secure and ethical manner. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Law Beez strives to revolutionize the legal industry by offering an efficient and flexible solution to staffing needs. Law Beez is a woman-owned company and a part of Attorneys in Motion. Attorneys in Motion has been providing court appearance and deposition coverage to lawyers since its’ launch in 2014 and works with more than 8,000 attorneys throughout the nation.

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