Easton, PA, January 29, 2018 –(PR.com)– New Mobile Application "thirty2give Virtual Mentoring" Provides a Global Framework for Transferring Knowledge”

Business executives to launch a disruptive innovative approach to mentoring that will contribute to the success of people around the globe from all walks of life and professions.

thirty2give Virtual Mentoring mobile application will pair mentors and mentees around the world for the express purpose of transferring valuable and proven knowledge and experiences through a free application that will be available to anyone with a smart phone. The application, scheduled to launch February 2, 2018 will initially be available on Apple iPhones, but will be available to Android users by the end of the 2nd quarter 2018.

The application’s conceptual framework is based on the 1952 study by the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s use of a curtain to introduce blind auditions to increase the hiring efficiency of female artists. The results were successful and the tactic spread to other symphonies across the country.

The executive developers of the mobile app believes that unconscious bias, the reduced population of mentors due to the exodus of baby boomers, and the work ethics of millennials require a new mentoring process. “The thirty2give app uses the curtain concept as a foundation and we believe that anonymity will help ensure that the transfer of knowledge is effective and efficient as both parties can talk freely without the worry of unconscious bias,” said Al Robinson, Chief Marketing Officer.

On why such a heavy focus on anonymity, “think about it, if you had a curtain between you and a mentor and you were not worried about appearances and names…imagine the questions you’d ask,” said Chilando Mulenga, Chief Operating Officer. Each user has a username that is free of any personal identification features and is gender-free to protect the identity of both the mentor and mentee. “This feature will encourage the most successful of our society anywhere in the world to reach back and share their knowledge and wisdom with others without the worry of exposing their identity,” Robinson said.

The mobile application is free and can be downloaded from iTunes the first week in February. For more information, please visit the website www.thirty2give.com

About thirty2give Virtual Mentoring
Four professional executives representing four different industries formed thirty2give Virtual Mentoring in May 2017 out of concern that corporate and community mentoring programs needed to change. They each have more than 25 years of experience as mentors in corporate American and their respective communities.

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