Clothing design is often perceived as the work of a solitary and singular talent, of an outsider looking in. But making clothes is in fact the ultimate act of collaboration. This collaborative effort brings consumers approximately 2 – 8 collections a year. The fashion industry thrives on inventiveness and fresh ideas, urging its creators to provide novel ideas every season and collection.

Janvi Ghatalia is one of these designers who has been working for a brand called 1. State. She works on collections from start to finish, with research and development of garments to the final production stage. Most of these pieces that Ms. Ghatalia designs are sold at Nordstroms, Macy’s, Bloomingdales, Dillards and even some renowned online retailers like Revolve, stitch fix and many more. Ms. Ghatalia has been a contemporary designer for the past 8 years; during this time she has devoted herself to several different projects and brands. Starting as a fashion designer in Mumbai, India, Janvi moved to New York City in 2014 with a bright future ahead of her. She continued her work in the fashion industry working with name brands like Naeem Khan, Hanley, Vince Camuto, AGAATI and many more. Her contribution to these brands had an immense impact on the fashion industry, under these brands she worked with a large number of celebrities like Kaley Cuoco, Kate Hudson Kat Graham and even Sasha Obama.

Janvi’s personal style can be described as loud, bursting with color, yet elegant and sophisticated. Although she has worked for a diverse cast of top design teams, her unique voice can be heard in every collaboration. Janvi has the rare ability of both blending in and standing out – being both a team player and a team leader. Her presence on a collaborative project is a sure sign that the end product will be imitated and admired.