She is a medical specialist in public health, managing the medico legal side of a massive hospital in Durban, South Africa. If that isn’t enough, she is an editor and publisher of an online health magazine, The Health Chronicle; an author of her inspiring book, You – The Journey Begins; and a World Peace Ambassador. Meet the most humble Dr Nirvadha Singh who is the epitome of beauty with a brain. We finally managed to get an inside scoop of her frenetic world.

A medical doctor, editor, and author.  Anything else on your current to-do list?

Well, I am currently engaged in scripting my first short film and I am attending acting classes.

Wow! Can you share more about your script?

I love inspiring stories and stories which convey a message to the world, so the script is very much based on positivity and hope.

 Acting? What has drawn you to this industry?

I have always loved speech and drama since I was a little girl. I used to script and act in some of the plays. I always wanted to be a doctor as well as a creative artist. I find myself now wanting to fulfill this dream.

Amazing! How old were you when you wrote your first play? Tell us about it.

I was seven years old when I had scripted my first play. It was an adaptation of Cinderella, but in the South African context. We called her Cinderbella and she did have wicked stepsisters and a stepmother, but there was no fairy godmother in her world. She had to rely on herself to create her own dream. Hence I always believe that you own your destiny and it’s up to you to unleash it.

Impressive story – How do you juggle it all i.e. the script writing, acting and being a doctor?

It’s very simple, I am a woman and we are known to be multitasked.

 What do you like best about your job?

The blessing to know that you are able to serve the community and heal your environment in your own way. I believe that each one of us is gifted to heal the world in our own special way and we should try and create a brighter and beautiful world for our future generation.

 Your favorite quote and why?

“Once you believe, you can achieve.” It is a quote I live by because as we think, so too do we become and if you think positively, you will then act accordingly.

A healthy tip for the day.

Drink lots of water as it aids in detoxification of the body.

Name of your next book release and its release date.

My next book is the second part to the You series and the name will be revealed by September 2017, upon release then.

 Any message for young authors?

Yes, just write from your heart, for when you do, it’s the most sincere form of expressing yourself.