Virtualized Genetic Blending of Dinosaurs & Dogs Puts Great New Twist on Sports Gaming

SAN CARLOS, CA, September 06, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Innovative game publisher-developer and creator of the “Pet Sports League” JUDOBABY INC., announces kickoff of equity crowdfunding campaign to develop “Dino-Dogs Football VR” starring Oakland Raiders and former Seattle Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch along with his dog Ice.

“JUDOBABY is a big believer in the broad social and economic benefits of equity crowdfunding,” noted CEO/President Dan Mueller. “Prior to the May 2016 enactment of the JOBS ACT, SEC rules prevented citizens with less than $1M net worth from investing in private companies that could potentially yield the greatest return on investment. In contrast, the JOBS ACT levels the playing field by giving ALL citizens the legal right to invest in private companies through SEC approved crowdfunding websites.”

Mr. Mueller added, “Unlike ‘non-equity crowdfunding’ such as Kickstarter, equity crowdfunding respects & rewards backers with shares of company stock and the chance of future monetary returns. And as a proud part of the equity crowdfunding revolution and belief that everyone should be given an affordable opportunity to participate, JUDOBABY is accepting investment amounts starting at $99.97.”

“Dino-Dogs Football” for VR gaming systems, endorsed by NFL super star Marshawn Lynch and his dog Ice, promises to be one of the most unique and exhilarating games in virtual reality entertainment.

To learn more about the company, chance to meet Marshawn and win signed Memorabilia, view the current equity crowdfunding opportunity, and join its valued family of shareholders including NFL stars Marshawn Lynch & Jerry Rice, please visit

JUDOBABY INC. ( develops and delivers AAA quality interactive family entertainment across a wide variety of popular & emerging platforms within the $99.6 Bn video games industry, including game consoles, virtual reality, social networks, and mobile devices for serious and casual gamers alike, starting with the company’s flagship product, Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football for Wii, WiiU, Android, and PC gaming systems.

The JUDOBABY INC. team knows what captures the imagination and delivers products with engaging personalities and addicting experiences.

2008 JUDOBABY INC., a California C-Corp is the creator of the Pet Sports League which brings the love of pets, the excitement of sports, and celebrated athletes together to provide unique entertainment experiences.

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