Ladi Anne who is a Brazilian-born, LA based singer, song writer and audio-visual creator, has over the years made great impact in the music/art industry and beyond. From a very young age of 16, she has been devoted to arts and bloomed her international career becoming one of the very best of our time.

As at 2013, Ladi Anne had created a visual project of her own alongside two other members. The series had the participation of notable persons like; Selena Gomez, Ed Sheeran, Ne-Yo, Zendaya, Kelly Osbourne, Fifth-Harmony, One Direction and Miley Cyrus, who also had to invite the members of the show to appear in her documentary – Miley: The Movement, by MTV. The show garnered lots of fame and was so popular that Ladi Anne was featured and interviewed on international platforms such as; TMZ, E! Entertainment Television, Perez Hilton and Star Magaizne.

In 2016 Ladi Anne was chosen to sing on the official Olympics theme song that aired on worldwide television in July 2016.

Ladi Anne’s song titled “Villas”, is her first collaborative project with dancer Marion Crampe. The song is an emotion-binding, raw and authentic piano piece written by Ladi as a tribute to her late father, whose vivid, continuing life lessons of (examples) everlasting his absence in the artist’s life, got her inspired. This is her first in many collaborative projects, that is aimed at uniting both visual and musical creators to send a common message to the world.

The video which carries a captivating audio-visual art piece in it, serves up a dramatic showing caused by the cold set of colors and a collaboration of the sensational and skillful dancer Marion Crampe, who was recently present at the Ellen Degeneres Show for her ”out-of-the-norm talent”. Marion in the video, is capable of converting the initially taboo and often abhorrent act of pole dance to an attractive and eloquent art form. Bringing together with Ladi Anne life to the message of the track. The two exceptional women joined their power in an impressive collaboration with a clear message of self-healing, self-realization and self-alignment.