From Page to Podcast: Cory Wallace Elevates Conversations on Vision, Relationships, and Mental Health

PITTSBURGH, PA, January 19, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bestselling author Cory Wallace, renowned for his insightful bestselling book “Manage Your Station,” ( is taking his expertise to the airwaves with an innovative new podcast. This unique show puts listeners in the heart of engaging conversations between The Barber, a community consultant, and a diverse array of customers. Covering a wide range of topics from life-changing events to business ventures, Wallace’s podcast is a must-listen for anyone seeking inspiration and wisdom.

“Looking ahead, the future of this podcast is not just about sharing stories or insights; it’s about creating a movement. A movement where every listener becomes a participant in a journey of growth, understanding, and empowerment. We’re building a community where the exchange of ideas isn’t just heard, but felt and lived. Each episode is a step towards a future where we all are more connected, more aware, and more equipped to manage our stations in life with wisdom and courage,” Wallace explains.

“We are immensely proud of Cory and his new podcast; he’s not only elevating his message with grace and insight but also setting a new standard in thought leadership and community engagement,” adds Mike Fallat, CEO of Dreamstarters Publishing ( and Million Dollar Book Agency (

Recent Episodes Highlight Visionaries, Relationship Insights, and Mental Health

Visionaries Unveiled: The year-end episode delves into the minds of legendary visionaries like Elon Musk and Henry Ford. It’s more than just a discussion about their achievements; it’s an exploration of their ability to see beyond the present and envision a radically different future. This episode also celebrates leaders like Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill, examining the qualities that make a leader truly transformative.

Seasonal Dating – A Path to True Love: In a thought-provoking episode, Wallace explores the concept of experiencing all four seasons with a potential spouse before marriage. This analogy of seasonal dating provides listeners with a fresh perspective on relationship dynamics, emphasizing the importance of understanding and navigating through different stages of a relationship.

Mental Health – A Daily Commitment: Wallace addresses the critical topic of mental health, discussing how simple daily activities like reading and exercise can significantly impact our emotional and psychological well-being. This episode is not just informative but also empowering, highlighting the importance of a strong support system and the role each of us can play in fostering mental wellness.

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About Cory Wallace

Cory Wallace is a bestselling author and a thought leader in the realm of personal development and community engagement. His book “Manage Your Station” has been a guiding light for many in navigating managing a beauty or barber business’ challenges. With his new podcast, Wallace continues to inspire and educate, offering a platform for meaningful discussions and transformative ideas.

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