Prominent estate buyer of used Rolex watches answers commonly asked questions about selling a Rolex timepiece.

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 20, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer, one of Los Angeles County’s most prominent estate buyers of luxury timepieces, has published an in-depth Q & A on the subject of selling a used Rolex watch. Written by head Rolex buyer Fletcher Blackburn, the informative article runs over 3000 words and answers common questions that Rolex sellers have, such as:

Can I sell a used Rolex without box and papers?

Can I sell my Rolex if it is not working?

How does a Rolex buyer arrive at a cash offer?

“A Rolex watch is a valuable part of many people’s luxury assets, especially in Los Angeles County,” says Fletcher Blackburn. “And with many boomers hitting retirement age, they’ve begun liquidating portable assets such as vintage Rolex timepieces and diamond jewelry, in order to help fund new adventures in their post-work lives.”

According to Blackburn, selling a used Rolex watch can be trickier than attempting to sell a diamond ring, because it often is harder for the average person to figure out what the current market price is for their Rolex. For example, the value of a vintage Rolex Submariner might be quite different today than that same watch was only a year or two ago.

“What happens is that Rolex can create price bubbles for certain Rolex models by decreasing production of those watches. This creates an artificial supply shortage that increases demand, and likewise the price for those models,” says Blackburn. “You can now sell some used Rolex watches for a substantially higher price than you could have a year ago.”

“On the flip side,” Blackburn adds, “certain models, like the Rolex Ladies No-Date Small Size (24mm) have dropped in price because women are now wearing bigger watches, so demand is down on the smaller watches.”

Blackburn explains that it is impossible to estimate how long Rolex price bubbles will last, but as the gold price bubble of several years ago demonstrated, the drop in price can be precipitous and without warning. The public never knows for sure when Rolex will increase production levels and pop a price bubble.

“As with the selling of any asset, you just want to do your research, and make the best decision based on the available facts. That’s what we at Los Angeles Jewelry Buyer are here for. We are basically our clients’ financial consultant when it comes to portable luxury assets like expensive timepieces and fine jewelry. We never pressure our clients to sell their items to us, but provide them with the best information possible, so that they can make a smart decision.”

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