Todd Huston M.A., in collaboration with Julie Dunbar, LMSW, brings the benefit of years of experience gained from leading stress management seminars to give readers calm during the pandemic in “Mental Survival Guide – COVID-19 Edition”.

TULSA, OK, June 12, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stress occurs every day, even in the best of times. The COVID-19 situation has exacerbated the issue and caused an increase in stress levels for many, from those who have dealt with stress for years to those who have always felt able to handle life’s challenges competently. In fact, a recent CDC video highlights the stress-related mental health issues caused by the pandemic.

One in five Americans has reportedly experienced a physical reaction when thinking about the outbreak, and statistics show domestic violence and substance abuse have increased. Considering the community impact, and that stress has been proven to cause heart attacks, strokes, ulcers, sleep disorders, and feelings of hopelessness and depression, this is an issue that requires immediate attention. As Todd Huston says, “You can wear a mask to protect yourself against the virus, but it won’t help much to reduce your stress. No one is immune from stress.”

Todd Huston M.A., in collaboration with Julie Dunbar, LMSW, brings the benefit of years of experience gained from leading stress management seminars to give readers calm during the storm. “Mental Survival Guide – COVID-19 Edition” is divided into three sections. Section I explains how to recognize stress in both the body and mind. Section II reviews life’s common stressors, such as relationships and finances. Section III offers methods to manage those stressors. In addition, the book has 44 tools to help readers overcome the most difficult of stressors.

This easy-to-read book is based in scientifically proven methods for stress relief and provides tools to quickly manage stressful situations, whether caused by the pandemic or other life events. Each lesson is divided into four parts beginning with an inspirational and humorous quote, because humor is a proven antidote for negative emotions. Following are segments that teach stress management, exercises to practice coping with stress, and sections for journaling your thoughts and experiences.

For example, in Section I, Lesson 10 teaches you the signs to look for which indicate your mind is stressed. You may find your mind racing and you have difficulty controlling your thoughts. You may feel worried, irritable, sad, anxious, angry, annoyed, fearful, or upset. An inability to fall asleep, or go back to sleep if awakened, is another sign. You might have trouble concentrating, or find you are making more errors in your work performance than usual, or your creativity is lacking.

This list of possible signs is followed by instructions for exercises to help you gain control, like Zen Breathing, which addresses your breathing while you visualize calm scenarios. The journal entry for this lesson has you breaking down your stressors and processing solutions for them.

“Mental Survival Guide – COVID-19 Edition” was written to help reduce your stress and its negative effects, from mental and physical health to relationships, time management, finances, and more. The 44 evidence-based, easy-to-follow lessons will show you how to overcome and manage your stress so you can find peace of mind now and when this pandemic is over.

The book can be purchased from Amazon in paper format for $14.95 or as an e-book for $7.95 (suggested retail prices). There is also a course with over 130 instructional videos which can be purchased at This package guides you through “Mental Survival Guide – COVID-19 Edition” and includes educational videos taught by Todd Huston M.A., stress exercise presentations by Ms. Jordan Green, LCSW, and videos to guide you through the journal exercises contributed by co-author Julie Dunbar, LMSW. At only $29.95, it is more affordable than seeing a therapist, while offering you coping skills for minimizing or eliminating stress and maintaining a healthy life balance.

For more help, be sure to follow Todd Huston on his Love Leaders podcast. He is currently working on a stress management series specializing in specific occupations and activities, such as teaching, parenting, students, sports, and business.

“Mental Survival Guide – COVID-19 Edition” is available through Amazon and

After a boating accident at the age of 14 resulted in the amputation of a leg, Todd Huston M.A. learned how to overcome incredible challenges in life and proved it can be done by breaking a world record in mountain climbing as an amputee. He became a psychotherapist working with adults, adolescents, and children, using his professional skills and personal experiences to help patients achieve more in their own lives. He has been an inspirational speaker, as well as lecturer on stress management for hospital employees, physicians, patients, mental health clients, and executives of Fortune 500 companies. Todd has been featured in thousands of publications, appeared on television and radio programs for major networks, and currently hosts the podcast, Love Leaders, where he interviews experts and inspiring individuals.

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