TOLEDO, OH, January 07, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Tepaco is a new type of restaurant that delivers Mexican street flavors through its flagship locations in Toledo, OH. Tepaco stands apart from other Mexican-inspired restaurants with a unique pairing of authentic tacos and housemade tepache.

Tepache is a kombucha-like drink, but with less bite and a little more expression of fresh fruits. While still growing in popularity in the U.S., you’ll find this fizzy, fermented pineapple-rind drink all over the streets of Mexico City.

You can now have their chef-created menu items delivered straight to your door through DoorDash and Uber Eats.

“I’m a super fan of Mexican food, particularly from the interior of the country. I’ve been traveling to Mexico since I was a teenager and have developed a great passion for the diversity of expertise and flavors of Mexico. I believe it’s the deepest and greatest culinary center we have closest to the U.S.,” said Chef Eric Justice, Head of Culinary for Tepaco.” At Tepaco, we’ve taken the bold, smokey and savory notes of Mexican street food and paired them with a fizzy and fruity counterpart for a balanced flavor. There are a lot of places to get a taco. There’s no one else like this.”

Tepaco uses cooking methods like fire-roasting, grilling, slow-cooking, and pickling to highlight the flavors of Mexico. You’ll find fresh-roasted salsas made in-house, like the sweet heat in the salsa de aguacate and the clean, fresh pickled vegetables in the pineapple-habanero salsa.

The tacos and quesadillas are built around four meats: Asada-style grilled flank steak, asada-style grilled chicken thigh, slow-roasted carnitas-style pulled pork, and seared chorizo. In addition, Tepaco serves roasted vegetables featuring a tasty mix of peppers and onions, seared mushrooms, grilled corn, and freshly chopped cilantro.

The real magic of Tepaco is the pairing of these signature flavors with the house-bottled tepache, each made with fermented pineapple, unrefined whole cane sugar, and cinnamon sticks. There’s the OG Piña; Hibiscus & Ginger; or Strawberry & Lime.

And last, indulge in the Cuatro Leches. Tepaco takes the traditional tres leches cake and adds almond milk, topped with fresh pineapple and cinnamon whipped cream, and finished with a rich caramel drizzle.

Tepaco Toledo is currently delivering Monday through Sunday from 11:15 a.m.-5:45 p.m. For more information or to experience your own Mexican culinary adventure with Tepaco, visit or follow them on Instagram @eattepaco.

Tepaco is a virtual kitchen backed by some of the most well-known and innovative restauranteurs in the United States. The menu is inspired by the bustling streets of Mexico City, pairing authentic tacos, and housemade and bottled tepache to create a match made in Mexican street food heaven. Tepaco is available for delivery through DoorDash and Uber Eats.

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