Austin-based 3NUM, a trailblazer in secure web3 native communication, invites users to join the waitlist for its innovative app called Speak.3Z combining onchain and traditional phone capabilities.

AUSTIN, TX, July 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — 3NUM, the pioneer behind the revolutionary Web3 Mobile Number, announces the launch of the alpha version of its latest product, the Speak.3Z app.

The Speak.3Z app, powered by the groundbreaking 3NUM protocol, introduces a new era of communication. Leveraging its novel Web3 Mobile Numbers, Speak.3Z allows users to seamlessly communicate with both onchain addresses and traditional +1 phone numbers. This innovative approach ensures robust protection against SIM swaps, enhancing security and user confidence.

Key Features of the Speak.3Z Alpha:

– 2-Way Messaging: The alpha version supports 2-way messaging between phone numbers and onchain addresses, bridging the gap between web3 and traditional communication channels.

– Enhanced Security: Speak.3Z’s integration with the 3NUM protocol offers unparalleled protection against SIM swaps, safeguarding user identities and communications.

3NUM is nearing release of upcoming enhancements to the Speak.3Z App, including voice communication capabilities, with the unique feature of using an ENS name as your outbound caller ID, further solidifying Speak.3Z as the go-to app for secure and versatile communication.

“We are thrilled to get Speak.3Z into users hands, accelerating over 5 billion mobile subscribers into secure and trusted, web3-powered communications. We still have a lot of building to do, in order to deliver a feature-rich product experience that customers are delighted to use, but having this core messaging functionality available in our flagship mobile app is a major step in the right direction” said Tyler Boscolo, Head of Product at 3NUM.

This exclusive alpha release is currently invite-only, but eager users can join the waitlist to gain access.

Be a part of the communication revolution with 3NUM’s Speak.3Z. Join the waitlist today and secure your place in the future of web3 communication.

Join the waitlist:

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Tyler Boscolo

3NUM revolutionizes mobile communications with its patent-pending solution by transforming phone numbers into secure, trusted onchain identities called 3NUM Shields. What makes 3NUM Shields unique is that they function both as a legacy phone number and a new onchain web3 address built for native end to end encrypted messaging over the 3NUM Protocol. Everyone can get their 3NUM Shield as a second number or by upgrading their existing number for trusted communications on Web3 and traditional mobile networks. It is the first secure phone number that runs on any data network via WiFi or data eSIM, meaning you can use it anywhere in the world while eliminating SIM-swaps, scam calls and SMS spam.

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