The Connectivity Center provides cyber defense, protection, and security information through its Smart Keeper series of products that block physical access to your computers and networks.

HUNTSVILLE, AL, October 08, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the ongoing increase in cybersecurity spending – Forbes estimates it will top $170 billion annually by 2020 – one must wonder if corporate America is investing in the right kind of network and data protection. While billions are spent to thwart hackers, there is an entire sector of the cybersecurity perimeter that is, to a shocking extent, left unguarded. That unguarded sector is the physical connect – or the billions of ports and connectors that enable us to operate our computer data and information systems effectively every day.

The cybersecurity industry has devoted most of its attention to the non-physical space of computing, while the USB ports and system connectors have been left largely ignored. This untended physical sphere of cyber defense, protection, and security information has been likened to a homeowner leaving the front door open, while continually and aggressively increasing one’s spending on window sensors, motion detectors, video monitors, and remote home-management systems. No matter how sophisticated the solutions, the front door is still wide open.

Expertise and Products to Protect the Front Door

The Connectivity Center has an unequalled perspective on the nexus between users and technology to assemble, develop, maintain, and expedite a resource for cyber defense, protection, and security information and products that can be relied on immediately. The company’s perspective, experience, and awareness spans decades.

From the cables that connect desktop and laptop computers to enterprise networks to the usb port locks, network port locks, and USB port blockers that enable both efficiencies and mobility, The Connectivity Center’s array of products and knowledge is a strong step toward securing the front door of cybersecurity. What’s more, it answers the ongoing need for cyber defense, protection, and security information.

The Connectivity Center’s Link Lock Hub and Link Lock connectors provide secure USB connections while also locking devices so that they cannot be removed without authorized access. The Smart Keeper collection of computer and laptop security devices protect the ports through which some of the biggest, most historic cyberattacks were perpetrated, and where even casual contamination occurs somewhere every hour of every day.

If companies are going to spend billions on the non-physical space of cybersecurity, then it only makes sense that the physical space of USB ports and connectors is safeguarded, too.

About The Connectivity Center

The Connectivity Center is a supplier of some of the leading physical cyber security and AV connection technologies. The company is especially known for its Smart Keeper series – a portfolio of physical data security products. The Connectivity Center brand prides itself in quality, value, variety, and versatility. We want to be a one stop shop for most of your connectivity needs and we love to serve our partners in this evolving industry.

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