OpenCelliD is the largest open-source dataset of Cell Tower positions around the world, and is invaluable to developers creating location-centric Internet of Things (IoT) without using GPS.

BERLIN, GERMANY, July 21, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — ENAiKOON announced transfer of maintainership of OpenCelliD to Unwired Labs yesterday.

OpenCelliD is the largest open-source project in geolocation, and lists crowd-sourced locations of cell towers around the world. With over 50,000 active users, OpenCelliD has grown immensely over the past years and gained a lot of popularity among developers, contributors and users. This transfer of maintainership to Unwired Labs, a leading commercial geolocation service, aims at expanding OpenCellID into a major open-source dataset that locates Cell Towers, WiFi Access Points, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices.

Geolocation, particularly cell-tower/GSM based, is widely used in location-centric apps and devices including people, asset, and fleet tracking applications. OpenCellID and Unwired aim to contribute their individual strengths towards an open-source community. With the help of Unwired, OpenCellID is looking to modernize its infrastructure, expand datasets and improve support.

ENAiKOON’s founder and CEO, Markus Semm said, “So far, the development and infrastructure efforts for OpenCellID have been supported by EnaiKoon and me, and we single-handedly cleaned up the datasets and made it reliable, as we know it. There is a long way to go, however, and I believe Unwired Labs will build on the good work we [the community] have done so far.”

Gopi Aravind, the Unwired Labs’ CEO explains, “Markus and I believe in open-source; we realize the importance of its contribution towards geolocation. The challenges faced by the project are in sync with our priorities. We already have the necessary facilities in place to address them, including excellent datasets, expertise in software development, algorithms and technical support.”

About Unwired Labs
Unwired Labs is an Indian startup founded in 2012. It’s mission is to make geolocation services reliable, affordable and accessible. Unwired provides Cell + WiFi based geolocation, Maps and Address services to 1000s of developers and customers globally.

Since their inception in 2002, ENAiKOON has been a leader in delivering telematics solutions to businesses in the logistics, transport, medical, cleaning, security, and construction industries. With their servers now monitoring over 30,000 mobile objects around the world, the combination of their sophisticated online asset-tracking software and adaptable German-made GPS tracking devices has proven to ensure their customers security, operation efficiency, and business optimization.

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