Xerowaste introduces the newest Verhagen Leiden V-move heavy duty tow tractor to their line-up of 17 other tow tugs and tractor models. The V-Move™ 3100 heavy-duty ride-on tow tractor.

VANCOUVER, BC, September 05, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — The new V-Move 3100 tow tractor is their most powerful and fastest ride-on tow tractor capable of towing up to 22,046 lb or 10 metric tons and with a programmable speed up to 12 mph or 20 km/hr. Due to its majority weight forward of the rear axle, it was tailored to pull specific weights on various slopes.

The V-move 3100 was designed to be a fast, long running, and efficient tow tractor for demanding applications to help reduce operating expenses per hour and increase productivity. It has a quick change long-running battery pack for almost continuous use 24/7. It also has an option for a Lithium-Ion battery pack, as do all the V-move tugs.

The V-Move 3100 is a technological marvel with its full color dashboard display, hill hold braking, LED color safety lights, shock sensor, and optional electronic keypad. It is engineered to provide the operator with a smooth ride from its full all-around suspension and an ergonomic multi-adjustable chair.

This new V-Move 3100 tow tractor with its 9 Kw 48-volt AC motor has regenerative braking to automatically recharge the battery when slowing down or braking. It can be customized for the customer with many options such as a weather-resistant cab, various tire treads, many styles of hitches, additional safety devices, and opportunity chargers. Michael Solkshintz, the Xerowaste Solutions CEO, says “The manufacturer of the V-move 3100, Verhagen Leiden of the Netherlands, collaborated with their customers and material handling retailers on the design and build of this new tow tractor for the marketplace.”

Let XeroWaste Solutions help move your organization toward greater operational efficiency, safety, and environmental sustainability.

Xerowaste Solutions has been in business since 2013 as a material handling retailer and distributor and is the North American retailer/distributor of eighteen different V-Move tugs and a line of Bin Butler tug trailers. The V-move tugs are made of high-quality US and European components, which is why they are backed with a limited warranty for up to two years.

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