Are you looking for a simple way to make profitable binary options trades? Neo2 is definitely worth your time and taking a look at. Neo2 is a binary options software that will help all levels of traders, from new trader to experienced traders, to place their binary options investments. This system is designed to make thousands of dollars in the starting days of your trading. Neo2 is a software which will help you to analyze the market and learn to understand binary options. Neo2 is a great tool for anyone interested in trading binary options with minimum risk, maximum profits and the least amount of effort.

Neo2_autotrading_software-300x106Now, I haven’t done long-term testing while doing the Neo2 Review. In fact, it has been only 2 days but I couldn’t help myself because for once, instead of losing I am actually winning!! I am keeping my trades to a minimum and want to have the same number of trades per day so I can get accurate feedback, but so far as per my calculations I am getting an approximate 84% ITM which is quite acceptable, if not great. I am making a steady profit and so far the future is looking bright. Of course, in order to ensure my review is complete, I have also spoken with the support 3 times already. Two on my first trading day and again today. I actually contacted Michael Freeman directly via email and from what I hear and see, he is very good and keeping up with communication on his YouTube channel and Facebook.

One thing that they do note, which I do not like as it almost feels like they are pushing you for time, is that once the software is u in it will no longer be free. In this case, once up new members will have a $7,900 user fee for this year. For now though it is free, but it is not guaranteed because they expect this to change as soon as they get their approval. I will try and keep the review updated, but in case I miss or delay this information in any way you can visit the website and they will be posting information on the latest updates as per my conversation with Michael.

Recognizing a scam is the first part in finding a quality binary options software. If you are ever offered money, bonuses, or outrageous claims without proof or anything in return, run. If they contradict themselves throughout the introduction of the software, run. If they tell you that you will make $5K a day and become a millionaire in a month, RUN. In the case of NEO2, there is a confirmed $3,500 profit a week which is very reasonable. It can increase based on your investment and per trade investment, but if you are playing it safe, you can still make a decent profit.


In conclusion, we would absolutely recommend the neo2 trading software for all the first time as well as the experienced traders. It is a blessing in disguise for all those who had been looking for a real and automated income online. You’ve got to try it out to actually realise its impacts and advantages. It is a 100% legitimate product and definitely not some elaborate scam to cheat you off your hard earned money. The program offers 24×7 assistance for all its users and you can start trading within an hour of registering.