Technical writer and coach, Robin G Coles believes the best way to improve one’s skill is through writing practice. Based on her 15+ years of experience she created the first of its kind journal specifically for technical writers.

BOSTON, MA, July 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robin G Coles is excited to announce the launch of the first Writing Practice Journal for Technical Writers. The journal offers 53 writing exercises for the top three skills necessary to land a technical writing job. They are mindset, creating samples, and answering interview questions.

“This Writing Practice Journal was created to help anyone looking to move into the technical writing field,” says author Robin G. Coles. “Or, help current technical writers who want to improve their chances of a higher pay raise or more satisfying job.” She hopes her journal will inspire technical writers to be more creative, write clearer and find their niche in their market.

The launch comes as businesses are laying off. Teachers are leaving their current profession and turning to technical writing. Technical writers are looking for their next job and those just graduating are looking for their first job.

This 100-page writing practice journal is self-sufficient. It contains core values and exercises that apply to any type of technical writing job. The mindset exercises help them gain insight into the type of technical writing work they’d like to do and the types of industries to target. “The need for writing samples is a catch-22,” says Coles. “You can’t use your current projects as samples, yet hiring managers want to see samples of your work.” The writing practice journal provides a variety of writing prompts to create different samples where most exercises build onto one another. It also gives the top five interview questions most asked with space to answer these questions ahead of time. Plus, a reference section to use for extra writing space and add any research done.

The journal is in print format only and now available. To get more information go to

Robin G Coles works with companies to write technical documents such as user guides, SOPs, and boat safety. Her specialty is creating easy-to-understand content from complex topics. Unlike most technical writers, I have 30+ years’ software, database, and web development experience. She also works with technical writers who are either beginning their career or those early on that could use help with their writing skills, creating samples, and need help reading through the laundry lists of different job requirements to determine which jobs they can apply for.

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